The Best Restaurants St Ives Has to Offer That’ll Blow Your Mind

The Best Restaurants St Ives

Once, sleepy St Ives was renowned for nothing more than its fishing, but it is presently proving a hotbed of various treasures.

The Best Restaurant St Ives

Top of that list is the town’s gastronomy industry which has evolved into one of its strongest selling points. Therefore, that leads us to the question of today’s discussion which is what are the best restaurants St Ives has within its borders?

Well, look no further than charming Blas Burgerworks or the enthralling Pormthmeor Beach café. These two picturesque restaurants epitomize what this rural town is all about which is divine cuisine and a stunning coastline where turquoise waters crash against soothing golden sands. That said, here’s our compilation of 9 of St Ives’ finest as far as excellent dining goes.

1) Blas Burgerworks

Who says vegan is boring because Blas Burgerworks would undoubtedly beg to differ. It has under its belt many praises for its burger Blas which, mind you, the Wall Street Journal ranked amongst Europe’s top five. Evidence to show for this prowess comes in the form of the SRA’s (Sustainable Restaurant Association) three-star recognition.

The tofu burger complete with beetroot garnishes, roast garlic mayo and horseradish are among the other popular items on the menu. Not strictly vegetarian, their expertise also spans a plethora of chicken and beef burger variations. When it comes to burgers Blas is definitely one of the best Restaurant St ives has to offer

2) The Gurnard’s Head

Life can be too fast to keep up with at times, and Gurnard’s Head seeks to wind down the hourglass that is our lives. This it does with unearthly flavours perfectly complemented by a stunning coastline barely a stone’s throw away.

Duck liver parfait and potato mousseline paired with brioche and truffle are but two of their specialities which also entail a highly sought after chicken breast and Elmhirst cheese. And these are just a tip of their selection iceberg which you can explore more of if you decide to stay beyond a meal in one of the opulent rooms.

3) The Halsetown Inn

An air of serenity and tranquillity best describes this pub which is situated on rolling fields of the Cornish countryside. The establishment was set up by Blas Burgerworks in a bid to further tap into a trend of sustainable and ethical restaurants.

Keeping in line with their other creation, the Halsetown Inn is all about being eco-friendly with recycling and biodegradable materials being the order of the day. Reserved on the outside the same cannot be said of an overflowing menu which has on it anything from Cornish Yarg cheese and peas to salmon, pollock and smoked haddock.

4) Hub St Ives

If hipster is your kind of hangout, this Brooklyn-esque joint is right out of your fairytale. Cakes, coffee, craft beers make great accompaniments to primary delicacies such as BBQ food, ogs’ and burgers giving the well-preserved location a touch of contemporary dining.

The Brooklyn Larger is a strong member of its arsenal as are Bristol Beer Factory brews as well as products from the Camden Town Brewery. abyccinos’, iced coffee, flat whites and homemade cakes round off other popular daytime choices.

5) The Loft

Deservedly named as such, The Loft is as gorgeous as it is intriguing with its resume comprising of scintillating views of the surrounding sea and landscape. Matters of the kitchen are also just as impressive all thanks to the unforgettable native steak, the spiced lamb tagine and the revered peppercorn sauce.

Sunday is perhaps the most anticipated day of the week as slow-cooked beef and lamb pave the way for an inspired roast whose popularity reverberates far and wide. Beyond food, The Loft also avails artistic homeware and pottery.

6) Porthmeor Beach Café

The similarly named beach might be the area’s centre of attraction, but once you set foot through this café’s doors, the fantastic pocket-friendly tapas take centre stage. A mesmerizing black olive tapenade, fig tomatoes and serrano ham will leave you craving for more of Chef Nathan Madden’s selection that also features lemon balm coleslaw and crispy skin seabass.

Of all their dishes, the dessert tapas are arguably their most notable highlight. Raspberry jelly, almond biscotti and raspberry and lemon posset, in particular, leave a mark and the same can also be said of sitting down to a meal overlooking a beautiful sea.

7) Porthminster Beach Café

Continuing a trend of embracing Mother Nature’s scenery, this café is located atop Porthminister beach which presents front row seats to inviting blue clouds and beautiful sands greeted by pacing tides. Those who’ve been there remember the cuisine most regardless of the breathtaking view as ingenuity meets experienced hands to realize unrivalled Asian and Mediterranean alterations.

Consequently, expect sumptuous seafood such as prawns with sweet potatoes and steamed mussels livened up by saffron. Blue cheese, mushrooms, red peppers, bok choi and meat options like the steak sandwich entail the hat else’ category.

8) Sea Food Café

Its title suggests what this café is all about and that is any seafood variety your heart desires. Meat, shellfish, fish and sauce are presented for the client’s choosing alongside vegetable and salad options allowing you to recreate your perfect meal from scratch.

If you don’t have the time- or desire- to do so, the set menu is your go-to. You’ll find fish and chips among several other classics not forgetting decadent tiger prawn skewers and exquisite yet straightforward crab cakes.

9) Spinacio’s

Another one of the best Restaurant St ives has to offer is this exclusively vegan restaurant which rounds out our top ten offering a welcomed break to the domineering seafood theme. Organic, vegan and vegetarian food are amassed locally to recreate an array of Asian, Mediterranean and English Styles.

Dessert comes in the form of memorable tofu cheesecakes, banana and chocolate cakes while dishes range from a black eye bean curry to lime puree and carrot accented mint patties. Spinacio’s upper floor positioning offers a bird’s eye view of the enchanting St Ives’s harbour below further adding to the establishment’s head-nodding CV.

And that’s it for St Ives’ top nine restaurants although the town’s appeal extends well beyond this list.

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